Monday, November 25, 2013

Plodding Along

I have two hand pieced projects that seem to be taking forever!  I just keep plodding along even though I don't seem to be getting anywhere for months.

Last night I finished another row of apple core shapes and as I pinned it to the edge of the quilt I realised I have four more rows to do and the quilt is done. That was a WOOHOO moment because I started cutting it out before I went into hospital for hip surgery last November.  Now that the end is in sight I will find it easier  to put in that little more stitching time to get it done by the end of the year

I have wanted to make an Apple Core quilt since this magazine came out many, many years ago.  I have used it in other quilts but never made a whole quilt just from this shape.

I have really enjoyed the process of just using scraps in lights and darks and working with one shape.  It is as addictive as hexagons.

There are lots of images available on the internet and lots of different techniques and tutorials to sew them. We all need to find our own comfort zone.

The other quilt is my Dear Jane of course.  I have stitched the pieced triangles for the top edge and I am now stitching the top border together. I have prepared ten for the right hand side and they are  in my sewing bag that sits next to my chair in the lounge room. I have to sew one seam every night before I touch anything else. If I am not in the mood for Dear Jane-ing I can then put it away but I always do more than one seam before I put it down. I usually find that it only takes me two or three nights to finish a block or triangle. The most time consuming part is the preparation and it needs to be a time with no distractions or interruptions. Any other Dear Janer will know exactly    what I am talking about. (lol)

So until next time

Happy Stitching

from Therese.

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