Sunday, February 26, 2012

U.F.O's and Miniatures

Whew what a hot and humid weekend we have had.  Thank goodness for some rain and slightly cooler temps.  It was so muggy that on Sunday I sat in front of the air-con with some hand stitching and that was about it for the day!  My DD even made lunch for us both as I was too hot to move!

UFO's - we all have them! (Even though some don't like to admit it!) I am not sure how old my oldest UFO is though.  I would love for you to leave a comment about your oldest UFO.

One of our customers came to a marathon class four (or five) years ago and vowed that she would go home and finish the quilt!!  Well, life got in the way as it tends to do.  But she recently decided to pull it out of the cupboard and finish it - better late than never.  Doesn't it look fabulous?

Sharon held her first paper piecing class on Saturday, which was a great success!  I think we have a whole new group of paper piecing fans.  Everyone was impressed with how easy it actually is to paper piece and they were all going home to do some 'homework'.

Till next time,


Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Back

After seeing the doctor this morning I was allowed to come and play for a couple of hours but no lifting or moving anything. And after the pain I have been in, there is no way I will be ignoring "doctor's orders". I have been stitching a little bit at home and drawing up some new stuff that I am itching to start sewing but I just have to be patient.

Natasha tells me that everyone has been asking "how's your Mum," so Thank You for all your concern and Good Wishes.  The Epidural procedure seems to have worked and now it is just a matter of giving my back time to heal.

Happy Stitching til next time from Therese

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hard at Work!

With mum off work with an injury, we have been working extra hard at the shop this week.  Thank goodness for wonderful staff who step up and help out!  Thanks go to Sharon and Cheryl - I wouldn't survive with you! 

It has been a busy time, with school going back (woo hoo!), new classes and lots of customers eager to start a new project.  We have a new BOM coming soon - it just needs to be quilted and bound. 

Sharon (our fantastic Mail Order person) has been hard at work cutting, sewing and packing up our BOM's.  It is amazing how many people love a BOM - a lovely little parcel each month, with all the colours chosen by someone else!

Till next time,