Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I have been so slack recently (thank goodness my mum has been blogging!).  These school holidays have flown by (my DD is starting high school - eek!).

But I have been busy - not much to show for it, but I have - I promise.

 A few years ago, mum designed 'My Blue Heaven' in shades of blue and yellow - it is very sweet.  These gorgeous lovebirds were featured as an applique.

Mum and I have been working on a new idea and this is just the beginning.  I discovered that I love doing stitcheries, so this was my contribution to a little wallhanging (at least, I think it is going to be a wallhanging - knowing mum, it could be something else entirely).  Stay tuned, for more details.

 I was sitting in my lounge room reading an old(ish) edition of 'O' - The Oprah Magazine and came upon the picture on the left.  I know someone whose threads actually look this disorganised (not mentioning any names - but she knows who I am talking about!). 

Till next time,


Friday, January 27, 2012

The Holidays Are Over

 I hope everyone had a Happy Australia Day.  We did the Lamb Roast dinner thing with baked veggies, mint jelly and gravy.  Then for sweets Natasha made Peppermint or Crunchie Chocolate Ripple Cake which is her Dad's favourite sweets. And one of mine so yummo.

Even though I loved Australia Day when I was a child, it meant that the summer holidays were nearly over.  School was starting again for another year with all the excitement of new books and new things to learn. Those last couple of days of holidays also meant that you had to squeeze in everything that you had meant to do over the summer and hadn't.

Not much has changed. I am busy writing up class notes and while trying to finish the class samples decided I didn't like one of them so of course I started a new one. It is for the string - pieced class so it will not be needed until April and is a smaller project than the original idea. Much more achieveable in a one day class.

 I am very excited about our technique classes called "How Do You Do----?" this year. There has been a lot of interest and one of the three classes scheduled for Term 1 is already booked out and one of the others only has 2 places left.

When I was making the list of techniques for the year I was a bit worried about coming up with ten or eleven ideas.  I don't know why I worried because I have enough ideas to run classes throughout next year too. 

 As I am starting planning for Term 2, I have to decide in the next couple of weeks which ones I will sew the samples for and start them.

Sharon will be teaching "Quilt As You Go" in Term 2 and we already have several names down for that class. We had run it several times and it is always popular.


Don't forget that our Two for One pattern sale finishes on Tuesday and to get the special offer if you are ordering through our website it needs to be done before midnight on the 31st January.
(to be honest, if it arrives the next day we let you have it too.)

So til next time
Happy stitching from Therese.

p.s.The recipe for Chocolate Ripple Cake is 1 packet of Chocolate Ripple biscuits, whipped cream layered between each biscuit and laid on a tray like a log and then completely covered with whipped cream. Leave for 6 to 8 hours(this is the hardest part).  Whack a Peppermint Crisp bar or Crunchie in the packet with a rolling pin, sprinkle over the top (we do one end peppermint and the other end crunchie) then cut into slices on a 45degree angle with a knife dipped in hot water. (If you need one in less than 6 hours you can make a cup of really strong coffee and brush each biscuit before adding the cream. Tia Maria works too!!!) If you need pictures just "google" it. There are lots of variations too.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paper Piecing

These are two samples of another technique class we are running in Term 1.  They are both paper pieced which gives a really accurate finished result.  The log cabin quilt is a miniature as each block finishes at 3" and if you have had a play with paper piecing before and want to improve your skills this is a great class.

The star quilt has larger pieces so for anyone who hasn't done paper piecing before, this is probably a better pattern to start with.  We like to encourage our students to build their skill levels by offering classes with several options to suit what they are comfortable with stitching.

Our Term 1 class list is now on our website at and don't forget all our patterns are included in our 2 for the price of 1 until the 31st Jan. so if there are any patterns you have been looking at for a while this is a good time to purchase them.

So till next time
Happy stitching from Therese.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Classes in 2012

After fifteen years of doing it, I still love teaching. To be able to pass on the knowledge that I have acquired over the past 25 years of sewing patchwork and quilting is a priviledge that I just love.  From beginners to more experienced students it is still exciting for me when they have those "light bulb" moments when they realise that "that's how it's done. Ah ha, now I get it." I still love to try new things myself and this year I have challenged myself to try some things that I had a go at when I was a very new quilter, messed up and so hated them. I will let you know what they are afterwards. I wonder if I will have a different experience this time!!!!!

We have scheduled a monthly class this year that is focused on techniques. We are starting with Crazy Patchwork, Bargello and String Piecing in Term 1. We always encourage students to finish our projects and these will be no different but they will be small things and if the students want to make them bigger they will have the skills to do so at home.

Now that the pattern for Country Album is done, I am busy writing up the class instructions and requirement lists as the classes are nearly full.  I am limiting the number of students in these sessions because I want to make sure that everyone understands the techniques by the end of the day.  They will be fairly intensive learning and I am really looking forward to them.  I will try to be a better blogger this year and take lots of photos during these classes.

We have had so much positive feedback from our free Friendship Medallion pattern that I couldn't help myself.  I did another one.  It is a bit smaller and has different blocks but the same "Rules" apply.  This one is called The Lighthouse Medallion because I believe the block in the middle is called Lighthouse.  Unfortunately I didn't write down where I saw it so I apologise if it is not in the public domain.  I just started playing with my scraps and strips that are already cut a la Bonnie Hunter style and within a week I had a quilt top made.  Bonnie is one of my Quilting Gurus and she is one of the most generous quilters in the world.  If she ever comes to Australia I will be one of the first in line to do a class with her.

This is the centre block for anyone who is interested.  (I am contemplating unpicking the floral strip in the setting triangles or appliqueing something over the top.)
Til next time

Happy stitching  from Therese.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year

What's the best way to start a new year?  Have a little re-arrange, isn't it, and that's what Natasha, Sharon and Cheryl have been doing at Patchwork Pumpkin over the last couple of days.  It's nearly finished apart from the last little bits of tweaking and it's amazing how much it freshens up the shop so thanks girls, it looks fabulous.

I have tried for 5 minutes to get this photo up the right way and still can't so sorry for the crick in the neck view.

Till next time,

Happy stitching from


(I can't take any credit for the shop looking so good because I have been nose to the grindstone with pattern writing. One more day and it will be done. Yay.)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Work

After a wonderful break of nearly two weeks I am back at work.  Natasha will be back tomorrow. Why do holidays go so fast? We try to make the Christmas fun last all year round with our class called "Soon it will be Christmas". 

Sharon got a book full of inspiration that we have all been drooling over.

I have spent most of today proof reading the pattern for my new  Block of the Month, Country Album which is due to start in March so I am busy costing it and making sure the diagrams match the numbers in the pattern and that all the applique and stitching bits are drawn properly.

I did take some time during my busy day to enjoy a coffee break and a browse through the December/January issue of one of my favourite magazines.  It takes a bit longer for us to get it in Australia but it is always worth the wait. I have a quick flick through it and then over the next couple of days I read it from cover to cover.

So happy sewing, from Therese