Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mystery Quilts

(Disappearing Nine Patch Class)
For several years we have run twelve hour classes - yes, you read that right! 12 glorious hours of sewing, eating, laughing, more eating and yet more sewing. No housework, no children, no hubbies.  Fresh baked scones with jam and cream for morning tea, lovely sandwiches, fruit and a cheese platter for lunch and afternoon tea, pizza for dinner.  Yummo!

Sharon came up with the sample for this Mystery Quilt and before we had a chance to put it into our class list - the class was full. We will be running it again in a few weeks time for those who missed out for one reason or another.

The pattern was typed up so that each person had to complete a section, before being allowed to continue.  Some speedy people whipped through some sections, so people got a sneak peek.  We did have a couple of people reach the final part, putting it together, but they had to hide what they were doing while laying their blocks out. 

I had to go to work early, so missed a couple of hours of the class, but when I dropped off dinner I was amazed by how much people had achieved.

Have you ever done a Mystery Quilt?  It takes a lot of courage and trust in your teachers!

Till next time,


Friday, April 6, 2012

Over Half Way

When I purchased my copy of the Dear Jane book 15 years ago I loved the quilt because I had seen a photo in a book called Enduring Grace and had already decided that I was going to make a quilt like that one day.  It took me about 5 years to collect suitable fabrics and to feel that I had the sewing skills to start.
I made myself start at A1 and do each block in the order they were printed in the book.  At times I wouldn't touch it for several months and then I would have a little sewing frenzy and get a few more blocks done. 

Then we started running a class at Patchwork Pumpkin once a month called The Jane Dears and I started to get serious. I actually joined two rows together. After that I set myself a goal of 4 blocks per month which I actually stuck to for all of 2011. Over the Christmas break I realised I was half way because I had finished Row G and G7 is the centre block. Since then I have finished two more rows plus some of the border triangles. 
 I am still on the journey but the destination is getting closer.  I am trying not to rush the process now just to get it finished but to savour stitching each block as I go.

I design mainly large quilts but inbetween I like to do some smaller projects too like the tablerunner in the next photo.  I started by wanting to play with some foundation string piecing and it just sort of grew from there. Everything in this tablerunner is leftovers from other projects even the batting which I had to join. The bias vine is black and was a bit stark so I did  a feather stitch along it to tone it down a bit.

It's a really great way to use those skinny left over bits of fabric that some of us find very hard to throw away. I blame my mother - she used to keep paper bags and bits of string.  It's a result of living through the depression and sometimes I think there are lessons we could learn from having to live that frugally.

 I wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful Easter Sunday tomorrow and hope you get to spend it with your loved ones and share a bit of chocolate with them.

Happy stitching from Therese.

P.S. I have finished a special Easter gift for my daughter and I will show photos next week.  I just hope she likes it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training and Tarts

For the last couple of weeks I have been in training for the Run for the Kids 5km walk that was held on Sunday, 1 April, 2012.  When I began my training, my wonderful trainer told me that I would be doing the 5km walk and I thought it was an April Fools Joke that he was setting up.  No, he was serious.  Well, I completed the 5km in 52mins and 13sec.  I was so proud that I finished.  Miss C came with me and we had a blast.  Melbourne delivered a beautiful day - not too hot, not too cold. 

So what does this have to do with sewing?  Not much, but I did finish my homework, so I didn't have to give Sharon her $1.  We have finished 5 pies and 1 tart and they are looking fabulous.

Till next time,