Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Quilt Show

It was like old home week.  I had a stall at my guild's quilt show over the weekend and it was so nice to catch up with members that I hadn't seen for ages.  I get so busy with running a shop and online business that I don't have a lot of time to socialise.  Sadly they never have any night time functions and the only weekend things are the bi-annual quilt show and a retreat on the alternate years.  So, as my gorgeous grandaughter came to help me, I was able to sit and chat and have coffee several times with ladies I have known for years.

I did remember to take my camera on Sunday and went off to snap some of the quilts and after two shots ---MEMORY FULL----Aarrgghhh. If I had realised I would have downloaded onto the computer on Saturday night before I went to bed.

This was one of my favourites.  I remember when Annaliese came into the shop looking for a border and we found a red japanese print which was perfect.  It was really special to see the finished quilt hanging in our quilt show.

So til next time,

Happy stitching

from Therese.