Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Favourite Quilt?

Someone asked me yesterday which of my designs was my favourite.  That is a bit like asking a mother which one is her favourite child.  Each quilt I have made holds special memories and emotions.

 For example "Nanna's Garden" makes me think of my mother who spent hours in her garden and always wore a hat with a broad brim and an apron with a big pocket. She had an amazing veggie garden but loved her flowers too.  She could break off a twig, put it in the ground or a pot and it would grow.

 I made this quilt in 2002 with a range of fabric from Robyn Pandolph called Secret Garden which was absolutely gorgeous and I still smile when I come across a scrap of it in my stash at home and trust me there are only scraps left. They remind me of my mum, Doreen.

I still sell the pattern in the shop and we make kits for it when asked by customers.  I think it is one of those designs that will never go out of fashion because pretty floral fabrics are always popular.

Happy stitching,

from Therese.

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  1. where can I purchase the pattern for nannas garden?