Friday, December 20, 2013

Tasha's Medallion

 At the moment Tasha is one busy lady and has limited time to sew.  She has been working on this medallion for a few months now and is starting to see the results of putting in some sewing time whenever she can, even just doing the cutting.

There are five more parts to this pattern so she is nearly half way.

I am very proud of her because her accuracy is amazing.  (Better than mine actually.)

I really love the colours and prints she is using. They are so "girly" and pretty and looking gorgeous with the white backgrounds.

The response to this free pattern has been amazing with the instructions being sent to every state in Australia and all over the world.  Quilting truly makes us one family.

Happy stitching
from Therese and Tasha.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who's ready for Christmas?

 We will be closing for Christmas on Saturday and my plan is to run around like a headless chicken for the next 3 days. LOL

There has been a little bit of decorating at the shop to get in the spirit of the season but as we have been invited to our son's in-laws for lunch I haven't worried too much at home.  One of my favourite decorations is a little crazy patchwork heart.  It is hanging up in the shop but will be going home with me on Saturday.

On Christmas Day my darling husband asks me what he bought me for Christmas and I give him a kiss and tell him how generous he is and then tell him what he gave me!  This year it came early in the shape of a cute pair of black flats with a gorgeous bow on the toes. The bonus is that they are Homy Peds so they are uber comfortable.

So to all our customers, I hope you have a safe and happy Holiday Season and see you all in the New Year.

Happy Stitching from Therese and Natasha and see you in 2014
ps; The shop will re open on 2nd January.

My Blue Heaven

One of the biggest compliments I get as a designer is when someone makes one of my quilts in their own choice of colours.  It gives the pattern a whole new look. 


  One of our students is making My Blue Heaven for her "nearly a teenager granddaughter" in lime, orange and purple. What a difference!!! and it looks fabulous. I can hardly wait to see the finished quilt.
 I just love it when students think outside the box.
Happy stitching
from Therese and Tasha

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Everyone knows dandelions are a weed and none of us want them in our gardens. But who can forget  the magic as a child, picking one and blowing the seeds to make a wish which was sure to come true if you could blow all the seeds away in one breath.

 I was inspired to make this simple table runner by the humble dandelion and as I used "Sand Dune" for the base I didn't even have to quilt it. Bonus!

I simply cut the width of the Sand Dune, randomly stitched five bias fabric stems on each end, then stem stitched the seed stems and stitched doll buttons for the seeds. The backing fabric was cut 3" bigger all around, turned over twice and slip stitched to the front. It was made over two evenings from start to finish.

 I should make some more as Christmas gifts and if it wasn't already December I probably would.  There is always next year!!!!!!!!

But don't you just love projects that seem to happen with no angst or unpicking or "what if" needed.

Happy Stitching

From Therese

ps: Sand Dune used to be known as Sandcastle and is a thickly woven textured fabric that looks like it is already quilted. It is great for bags, clothing and Table runners.

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's That Time of Year.

It's that time of year when we try to finish things started during the year or even several years ago.  Is it because we don't want to start another year with all these unfinished projects hanging over our heads?

I have just had a customer call in with a 9 Patch Chop Chop quilt which she started in 2007.  It is quilted now and she  needed to check that she had enough fabric for the binding.  Because I work out those sort of amounts all the time I forget that others don't find it so easy to estimate.

The formula is the circumference of the quilt divided by 40" (the width of most fabrics is between 42" and 45") which gives a bit of wriggle room.  That tells you the number of strips you need so all you then have to do is multiply that figure by 2 1/2 to know how much fabric you need. If in doubt always add another strip because if you come back in a couple of weeks for one more strip, you know it will all be gone.  I think that is one of Murphy's Laws.

I have been trying to finish things all year myself and have concentrated on the small projects.  The subject came up at my last friendship group meeting.  I had a bag of blocks that I know I will never finish so I gave them to two of the other girls with the condition that they have to make something with them by the end of 2014. We finished up by writing a list of what two projects everyone plans to finish.  My number one is Dear Jane which I started in the 1990's and the other is Pennsylvania Applique started in 1998 at Primarily Patchwork. I still love both of them and look forward to working on them all year.  I am planning on having them quilted and bound before 31st December 2014.

Happy Stitching from Therese.