Sunday, May 20, 2012


Isn't it funny (and frustrating) that when you go looking for something on the web that you end up in a place so far away from 'home' you have no idea how you got there?

I read blogs about minimalist living and one of our lovely followers (Tasmanian Minimalist) had a post about 'Regretsy'.  (****Language Warning!*** - please dont look if offended by profanity!)

Well, I thought I would have a look at this site and an hour later realised that I had achieved nothing that I had set out to do.  I had laughed until I cried (or LMAO as my DD would say), been shocked by some of the 'creative' talent others had and vowed that I would never combine the words 'vintage', 'one of a kind' and 'hand made' in the same description.  Some of the ideas are preposterous - who comes up with these things?  What also amazed me was how many of the featured items had actually sold!  Want a good laugh - go check it out.

The other site that I love and loathe in equal measure is 'Pinterest'.  Love it 'cause it has so many wonderful ideas - house, garden, cooking, clothing, hairstyles!  Loathe it 'cause it makes me feel inferior - I am limited in time, money, creativity, etc.  But does that stop me from perusing the eclectic collections - no way! 

So, until next time

Happy creating.