Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Work

After a wonderful break of nearly two weeks I am back at work.  Natasha will be back tomorrow. Why do holidays go so fast? We try to make the Christmas fun last all year round with our class called "Soon it will be Christmas". 

Sharon got a book full of inspiration that we have all been drooling over.

I have spent most of today proof reading the pattern for my new  Block of the Month, Country Album which is due to start in March so I am busy costing it and making sure the diagrams match the numbers in the pattern and that all the applique and stitching bits are drawn properly.

I did take some time during my busy day to enjoy a coffee break and a browse through the December/January issue of one of my favourite magazines.  It takes a bit longer for us to get it in Australia but it is always worth the wait. I have a quick flick through it and then over the next couple of days I read it from cover to cover.

So happy sewing, from Therese

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  1. So looking forward to your new BOM and I'm determined that this is the year that sees some of your other BOMS on my completed list and not on my to-do list!! They are so lovely and fun to make.