Friday, January 27, 2012

The Holidays Are Over

 I hope everyone had a Happy Australia Day.  We did the Lamb Roast dinner thing with baked veggies, mint jelly and gravy.  Then for sweets Natasha made Peppermint or Crunchie Chocolate Ripple Cake which is her Dad's favourite sweets. And one of mine so yummo.

Even though I loved Australia Day when I was a child, it meant that the summer holidays were nearly over.  School was starting again for another year with all the excitement of new books and new things to learn. Those last couple of days of holidays also meant that you had to squeeze in everything that you had meant to do over the summer and hadn't.

Not much has changed. I am busy writing up class notes and while trying to finish the class samples decided I didn't like one of them so of course I started a new one. It is for the string - pieced class so it will not be needed until April and is a smaller project than the original idea. Much more achieveable in a one day class.

 I am very excited about our technique classes called "How Do You Do----?" this year. There has been a lot of interest and one of the three classes scheduled for Term 1 is already booked out and one of the others only has 2 places left.

When I was making the list of techniques for the year I was a bit worried about coming up with ten or eleven ideas.  I don't know why I worried because I have enough ideas to run classes throughout next year too. 

 As I am starting planning for Term 2, I have to decide in the next couple of weeks which ones I will sew the samples for and start them.

Sharon will be teaching "Quilt As You Go" in Term 2 and we already have several names down for that class. We had run it several times and it is always popular.


Don't forget that our Two for One pattern sale finishes on Tuesday and to get the special offer if you are ordering through our website it needs to be done before midnight on the 31st January.
(to be honest, if it arrives the next day we let you have it too.)

So til next time
Happy stitching from Therese.

p.s.The recipe for Chocolate Ripple Cake is 1 packet of Chocolate Ripple biscuits, whipped cream layered between each biscuit and laid on a tray like a log and then completely covered with whipped cream. Leave for 6 to 8 hours(this is the hardest part).  Whack a Peppermint Crisp bar or Crunchie in the packet with a rolling pin, sprinkle over the top (we do one end peppermint and the other end crunchie) then cut into slices on a 45degree angle with a knife dipped in hot water. (If you need one in less than 6 hours you can make a cup of really strong coffee and brush each biscuit before adding the cream. Tia Maria works too!!!) If you need pictures just "google" it. There are lots of variations too.

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