Saturday, February 5, 2011

Binding - Love it or Loathe it?

Whew - it has been so hot here and what have I been doing?  Relaxing with a good book, cool drink and the air-con going?  No, I have been working on a binding on a queen size quilt!  Why would I do that in the middle of summer?  Well, I provide a binding service for those who loathe the job.  One of our favourite customers had finished her first quilt and needed the binding done.  She was so excited to have completed her quilt that I couldn't let her down.  I had to finish it in as little time as possible.  So here are my essentials for binding:

A rubbish bin, my OTT Lite, sharp scissors and my IPOD.  Yes, my ipod - I love that I can 'plug myself in', tune the world out and just sew.  Bliss.  Except when it is 40 odd degrees C.

So, do you love the binding stage?  Do you feel enthused that the quilt is almost finished?  Or do you dread the monotony of hand sewing the binding down?

Till next time,


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