Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Not Fair

I was polishing my halo after I had finished a UFO.  But my smugness was short lived.

DD11 was cleaning up her part of the craft room and found a cushion that she had started.  She didn't want to finish it though and said to me 'You'll finish it for me, won't you mum?'  Not that I had a choice!

So, here is the front part - just needs to be quilted and then made into a cushion.  It took about an hour to complete the front and the cushion part will only take about 30 minutes as well.  Why is it that we think our UFO's are going to take so long to complete, when if we took just 15 minutes a day, we would have them finished in no time!

Till next time

Tasha and Therese

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