Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where's Wally

This Wally has been finishing a new Country quilt design which is why I have been missing for several weeks.  The middle part is done and I am up to the borders and then I am on to the really boring stuff.  Writing the pattern, proof reading and then proof reading again, measuring every piece of fabric used so I can do an accurate costing for Block of the Month. Drawing the appliques and the piecing diagrams to make sure that anyone who purchases my patterns can make their own quilt with a minimum of stress.  But I actually love the whole process of designing, even the boring bits. 

The other thing I have been chipping away at is a quilt I started in 2004 called At Piece With Time.
I did it with my Friendship  Group.  We all bought a copy of the book and some of us actually started the quilt. I found the box of bits at the start of last year and realised all I had left to do was the middle block and the applique triangles. At friendship group nights all last year I stitched away at the triangles and then over the summer I started putting it together. However I was never 100% happy with the way they had put it together so decided to change the borders even though that involved another year of needle turn applique.  When I didn't have enough of one light fabric I used about ten different fabrics joined end to end. My personal rule at the moment is to "use the stash"  and I am so pleased I did.  I had worked out that the applique would fit on a 6 inch border.  When I finished the applique, of course I didn't have enough of any of the prints for a final border so I just cut any leftover fabrics from the quilt into strips, joined them end to end, cut the lengths I needed and sewed them on.

I am really happy with my quilt and I will get it basted by a long arm quilter so that I can hand quilt it over the next couple of years. It holds many, many happy memories for me.
I have a couple more long term projects nearly done too and I will have photos to show you soon.

Happy Stitching
 from Therese

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