Friday, October 28, 2011

Simple is Good

Sometimes you just want to throw a quilt together that you don't want to have to agonise over.  You just want to play with pretty colours a little bit outside your comfort zone to see if they play nicely together.  In your mind they do, but sometimes when they are actually sewn together, they just don't work.  Then, if you are lucky, sometimes they really sing.  Sweet.

I have called it Zigzag.  It can be made in about two days so it is ideal for that last minute gift for a teenager, child or even a cool auntie.

The pattern is done and we will be selling kits in the shop and on our website by next week for that Christmas gift that has to be finished in a hurry.

Happy stitching from Therese

1 comment:

  1. Hello,

    I've been surfing the net on my last day of the holidays, and somehow found your blog-site. I do like the Zig-Zag quilt.... but where is your shop? Is there a link on your blog, that I'm missing?

    All the best for the New Year,
    Lisa S, Bentleigh, Melbourne, Australia. (2 Jan 2012)