Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Toys

We are very excited because we have finally upgraded our computer about a month ago.  The only problem is that I now have to learn how to drive it.  I was in my nice little comfort zone playing  with our old one and it has taken me a few weeks to get going on the new system which is why I haven't done a post for a couple of weeks. Tasha has had a really bad lurgie for about a month and is on her 3rd lot of antibiotics so hopefully this will fix it at last.

I am fairly limited with time at the moment as I have a project to finish for Homespun Magazine by the first week of September. (There are several funny stories about that and I will share them with you soon.) 

 Also my local Quilt Guild is having their Exhibition on 3rd and 4th September so I am sewing bindings, labels and sleeves on the four quilts I am putting in it  and they also have to be done by the same time.  so as you can imagine there is a lot of hand sewing going on.

I have been trying to add more photos and it won't let me so I will try again tomorrow

Happy stitching from Therese and Tasha

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