Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If in doubt, add Purple

Maryanne says "if it's not working just add purple"

I have been trying to reduce my stash for several years and last year I decided to be really ruthless with my purples because Tasha had raided them but there were still a lot that didn't appeal to her.  So I got to with my rotary cutter and cut 2 1/2" strips, joined them end to end on the cross, then cut thirty 60 1/2 strips and sewed them together with no regard for what went with what.  As long as the same prints weren't next to each other it got sewn on. I then sewed three rows across the top and bottom to make it a bit longer. I threw this quilt together in two days and I can't believe how good it looks.  There are some very ugly fabrics in there.

 Then I picked out some of the larger pieces and joined them together for the back.
It was hand quiled 1/4" each side of the seams and the binding was the leftover 2 1/2" strips. It is called Linear I because I am now making a series of these quilts as a way of exploring colour and also light, medium and dark.

Linear II is not quilted yet and is in light and dark blue. Linear III is in brown,beige and grey And Linear IV is in green,yellow and apricot. It is called Citrus and is finished too.  It will also be on display this weekend (3rd and 4th September) with Linear I at Toorak College in Mt. Eliza at Mornington Peninsula Patchworkers Inc exhibition and I will be there with a stall of goodies too so if you are local come and have a look and say "hello".  It is usually a really interesting exhibition.

I am planning on taking some photos so I will post some next week.

Until then

Happy stitching,


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