Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who's ready for Christmas?

 We will be closing for Christmas on Saturday and my plan is to run around like a headless chicken for the next 3 days. LOL

There has been a little bit of decorating at the shop to get in the spirit of the season but as we have been invited to our son's in-laws for lunch I haven't worried too much at home.  One of my favourite decorations is a little crazy patchwork heart.  It is hanging up in the shop but will be going home with me on Saturday.

On Christmas Day my darling husband asks me what he bought me for Christmas and I give him a kiss and tell him how generous he is and then tell him what he gave me!  This year it came early in the shape of a cute pair of black flats with a gorgeous bow on the toes. The bonus is that they are Homy Peds so they are uber comfortable.

So to all our customers, I hope you have a safe and happy Holiday Season and see you all in the New Year.

Happy Stitching from Therese and Natasha and see you in 2014
ps; The shop will re open on 2nd January.

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