Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Everyone knows dandelions are a weed and none of us want them in our gardens. But who can forget  the magic as a child, picking one and blowing the seeds to make a wish which was sure to come true if you could blow all the seeds away in one breath.

 I was inspired to make this simple table runner by the humble dandelion and as I used "Sand Dune" for the base I didn't even have to quilt it. Bonus!

I simply cut the width of the Sand Dune, randomly stitched five bias fabric stems on each end, then stem stitched the seed stems and stitched doll buttons for the seeds. The backing fabric was cut 3" bigger all around, turned over twice and slip stitched to the front. It was made over two evenings from start to finish.

 I should make some more as Christmas gifts and if it wasn't already December I probably would.  There is always next year!!!!!!!!

But don't you just love projects that seem to happen with no angst or unpicking or "what if" needed.

Happy Stitching

From Therese

ps: Sand Dune used to be known as Sandcastle and is a thickly woven textured fabric that looks like it is already quilted. It is great for bags, clothing and Table runners.

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