Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Old Favourites

These quilts are some of my favourite old designs. "Pretty 'n' Pink" was the first in pretty fabrics.  Then one day I realised that pink wouldn't suit everyone so I needed to consider other colours. 

That led me to create "Lavender Hill" using any fabric print in the shop that had the slightest bit of purple or mauve in it. I also put a lot more stitching in this quilt too.

 Next came "My Blue Heaven" (see my post from December 18th last year) and then "Peaches and Cream".  I still love these type of quilts with that combination of traditional pieced blocks, pretty applique and simple stitching.  I hope they are as fun for other people to sew as they were for me to design.
The patterns are still available for all of these quilts and just keep selling all the time which is nice for me too.

So until next time,

Happy stitching from Therese.

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