Friday, February 14, 2014

Pattern writing

I love the creative buzz of finishing a new design. BUT! The next step is Writing the Pattern. I always have my rough notes with ideas scribbled everywhere including diagrams and drawings that only I can understand. So eventually I just have to say to myself  "suck it up Princess" and force myself to sit down, focus and just start.  Of course, then I wonder why I procrastinated for so long because once I get started it flows so easily. In about a week this
              becomes this
 plus a bonus Pin Cushion pattern.
I was under the pump because these notes were for our "Summer Sampler" which we started in January and most of the girls are close to finished with 2 weeks of summer still to go.

Sorry for the gap in posting but there were technical changes to Blogger and it has taken me a couple of weeks to work them out.

So Happy stitching,

from Therese.

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