Sunday, March 18, 2012

Batty for Bargello

Well, we have done it and we all survived!  Our first Bargello class was such a success, we are planning on teaching the class again next term.  We were supposed to limit the class to eight students, but when nine and ten threatened to cry we squeezed them in too.

All ten quilts looked so different - some people were not quite sure that their fabric choices would work and others were confident that they would be great. 

It can be a bit of a serendipity experience because when some fabrics are cut into smaller pieces it changes them completely.

Even the ladies who were umming and ahhing during the process were amazed  when they had pinned their strips to a design wall then took several large steps back and saw the effect they had achieved.

Therese here :- It was my first full day back at work and I had to go home and have a "Nanna Nap" afterwards but it was a fabulous class.  Thanks Tasha for playing assistant.

Till next time,

Therese and Tasha

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